trial_of_susan_b_anthony_1407_originalThe Trial of Susan B. Anthony
published by the Rochester NY Democrat & Chronicle

Well, I’ve finished another audiobook project for LibriVox. I got into this one because of my interest in the library book on the subject that first came to my hands back in May — (I wrote about it here on this blog in June). Reading about the trial, I quickly developed a hankering to get all the details straight from the original source. Shortly after the trial, our local newspaper published a pamphlet containing trial transcripts and additional material, and a copy of that pamphlet was available online here. When I checked and found no audio version had yet been recorded, I just had to plunge in and do one myself.

The pamphlet begins with the official indictments and transcripts of Susan B. Anthony’s trial. It then goes on to include transcripts of the trial of the election inspectors who received her votes and those of the other women. Then we find the texts of two speeches given all over the Rochester area during the interval between the arrests and the trials — one address by Susan B. Anthony, the other by Matilda Joslyn Gage. Finally, the pamphlet concludes with an essay by John Hooker critical of the arbitrary procedures of Ward Hunt, the judge in both trials.

The Librivox catalog page for The Trial of Susan B. Anthony is available here. Or you may click below on any selected sections which interest you. If the entire eight hours seems like a bit too much, then I’d recommend at least devoting about seven and a half minutes to listen to section 9 — Susan’s famous Remarks to the Judge at her Sentencing — one of the iconic speeches of American History — (to which I can only hope I did some small amount of justice.)