About This Blog


My bookshelves on one of their more orderly days

Nothing very intellectual or critical will be going on here.  No high literary analysis. Just a random bunch of notes on what I’ve been reading lately.

I’ve gotten lazy in my older years.  I read what I want to read. If I’m not enjoying a book, I’ll put it down and read something else. I don’t see any point in wasting time on books I don’t enjoy, when there are so many books I do enjoy.

This blog is intended primarily for my own reference, so I can remind myself of the title or author of a book I read last year, or check how long it’s been since I last re-read a favorite.  I might also want to refresh my mind as to what thoughts I had about a book last time I read it, and add any new thoughts that come to me the next time around.

In the average month, I read anywhere from 10 to 12 books. I’m not going to be writing about all of them, because that would take too much time. And, as I said, I’m getting lazy in recent years. The books I do end up writing about won’t necessarily be the ones I liked best, or the ones I thought the most about. They will probably be the books that happen to be freshest in mind on the particular day when I make it to the computer. This is why this blog is subtitled “random notes”, because what ends up getting written about will most likely be a fairly random sampling of my reading habits.

Although these notes are written to please myself, they’re not top-secret.  If my friends want to check out my book lists, you’re welcome to.  Maybe you want to find the name of some book I recommended.  Maybe you want to add your own thoughts about some book that we’ve both read.  Maybe you’d like to mention a book you’re reminded of, or tell me about a book you’re excited about.  If so, go ahead.  Talking about books is almost as much fun as reading them.