Let’s Read A Book Together

“Reading Aloud” by Hanna Hirsch Pauli

Think of this as our book club, but without having to find a time that works with all our conflicting schedules, without having to go out for a long drive on a snowy or rainy night.

I’ll get us started by providing a page we can all write on.

Then — it’s everybody’s turn! Fill the comments section with musings and critiques and favorite scenes and delvings into characters — whatever we might want to say.

To join in talking about a particular book, click on the link to that book below. It’ll take you to a discussion page for that book, and you can post in the comments section.

If we enjoy this sort of thing, we can continue it with other books later. (Any ideas about future book selections we might all like can be discussed in the comments section of this page here.)

Robert Frost said that we “work together, whether we work together or apart.” Now, though apart, we can also read together!

Discussion now underway —

Previously —


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